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Tulpehocken Spring Water comes from pristine Pennsylvania springs located deep in the mountains. Our springs include Indian Trails Mountain Spring , Sugar Loaf Mountain Spring, and White Haven Mountain Spring . Early settlers called our first spring Indian Trail Spring, a Native American watering stop on the Tulpehocken Path to Sunbury and listed on the State Register of Historic Places.

We believe our spring source, bottling process, and our dedication to giving customers the most refreshing product possible provide every Tulpehocken customer with the highest quality and purest tasting water. That purity and great taste is upheld through comprehensive testing efforts. We test our water when it comes into the plant and for consistency several times per hour at every stage of the bottling process.

Our water is different from companies that just filter and repackage tap water. Since our licensing in 1924, Tulpehocken Spring Water has come from under the Earth to ensure the purity of your water. In order to ensure our water stays so pure we dug about 30 feet down and 60 feet wide around the Spring to where the fresh water bubbles right out of the sandstone. We put a protective (GeoTextile) liner over the stone and filled the hole with sanitized marble chips to create a reservoir. Then, we covered it with another protective liner, put the earth back on top, and planted grass.

The water flows down the mountainside to the reservoir's overflow next to out Storage Silo. The spring water is then piped down to our electronic Control Center where it flows under ultraviolet lights and through a 5 micron mesh filtration. We store Tulpehocken Spring Water in stainless steel holding tanks. Our sanitized stainless steel tanker trucks transport the water to our bottling plant in Northumberland, PA.

This new plant is the most modern in the Northeast and features some of the most advanced bottling and handling equipment in the world. The sanitized bottles are filled under strict quality control conditions. Even our air is filtered and UV lighted in our state-of-the-art bottling room. We also distill our water to meet the high standards of hospitals and research laboratories. In fact, many customers use our distilled water in autoclave sterilizers for medical equipment and even DNA research.

Since 1924, we have always maintained the highest standards. We continuously test our water for much more than is required by EPA and FDA regulations. Our rigorous testing and the natural purity of our water ensure that you can drink the best that nature and modern technology have to offer.

At Tulpehocken, we are proud that our water is naturally soft, naturally pure, and therefore important to the lives of our customers. We like water to be pure, plain, and simple and we are proud to deliver it to the homes and businesses in our community.

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